Picture Days!
Wed, Sep 11 - Thu, Sep 12
Thornhill Elementary

Smile! Picture day is coming. We are using MugsyClicks again this year (woo hoo!) who will be coming to capture your child(ren)’s unique personality and charm on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12. MugsyClicks recommends that kids wear a simple shirt without large patterns, words, or graphics. 


8:40am: Novak

8:50am: Kloess

9am: Van Ostrand

9:10am: Gustafson

9:25am: Contreras

9:40am: Bernard

9:55am: Wilkins



8:30am: Thompson

8:55am: Forbes

9:20am: Calkins

9:45am: Nobusada

10:25am: Steimle

10:50am: Formoso

11am: Whalen

11:10am: Townsend

11:25am: Holland

Can't make it? We will have a make-up day... day to be announced! 

The "Class Photo" this year will be the same as last year - a composite of the individual pictures of the kids and teacher and will be available for purchase after the make-up day.
Ordering information will be emailed to parents from the photographer. There are no pre-orders. Everything will be done online after the picture is taken. You should have a few shots to choose from!