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Fri, Nov 13 6:03pm

Report Cards

Our report cards are standards based meaning that they are reporting on where your child is in their mastery of concepts. Traditional report card grades are more commonly determined by work completed and not necessarily the student’s understanding levels in particular content areas. Instead of letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) our standards based grading is communicated using a continuum of mastery. We use a scale of 1-4. A “1” indicates that students have little understanding of a concept, and therefore cannot demonstrate any mastery of it. As students learn and progress, they may demonstrate partial mastery, and score a “2” meaning they are approaching mastery. Once they meet a target, they score a “3” noting they are proficient. The “4’s” are reserved for students who exceed the learning target. If you see an “X” on the report card that means the concept was not yet taught and/or assessed. Also keep in mind that many of the concepts included in the report card are taught throughout the year. If your child scores a 1 or 2 at the beginning of the year, that is to be expected because most likely the material is new to them. As the year progresses, they will continue to learn and grow and move closer to mastery.


During distance learning many of the ways we communicate and share information with you has changed - including how you will receive and view report cards. The marking period ended on Friday, October 30th and teachers have been taking time to carefully assess your child’s learning, thoughtfully write comments and complete report cards. These report cards will be available to you on Monday, November 16th via the Aeries Portal. 

Please follow the directions for how to access report cards and if necessary, watch the How To Video provided by the District. If you have any questions, please email


How to Access the OUSD Parent Portal for Report Card

Click this link to access your Parent Portal Account. Using the drop down on the upper right hand corner of the login box you can select languages other than English.

Put your email address in the space provided.  Input your password, or click set up account. If you have forgotten your password, click “forgot password”. If information is needed contact


To View Report Cards

Once you are in Aeries...


Click STANDARDS BASED REPORT CARD.  It will look a bit different than the printed version.  To download or print out a copy, click on the printer icon on the upper right side. (the “print version” might be easier to read)


How to Videos for Families to Review Report Cards via Aeries Parent Portal

English: How to View Students Report Card on Aeries Parent Portal

Spanish: How to View Students Report Cards on Aeries Parent Portal

Arabic: How to View Students Report Cards on Aeries Parent Portal

Chinese: How to View Students Report Card on Aeries Parent Portal