School Site Council (SSC) Meeting + Description
Tue, Oct 11 3:15pm
Thornhill Elementary Library

Everyone in the Thornhill community is invited to our School Site Council (SSC) Meeting on Tuesday, October 11 at 3:15pm in the library!

We will be reviewing the SPSA budget, reviewing, discussing and approving the 2022-23 SPSA itself, electing officers and some members, and have an opportunity for public input.

We will have a special guest, Alma Alvarado with Strategic Resource Planning (SRP).

What is a School Site Council (SSC)?

As mandated by the state of California, every school must have an SSC. The Thornhill SSC is an elected body (by the Thornhill community) made up of 10 people:

  • Principal (1)
  • Non-teacher school personnel (1)
  • Teachers (3)
  • Parent/Community Group Members (5)

What does an SSC do?

The major responsibilities of an SSC are to:

  • Review student academic achievement data (SBAC, etc.)
  • Review implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and modify as needed throughout the year (Thornhill's 2022-23 SPSA)
  • Develop and approve the 2022-23 SPSA budget (Thornhill's latest budget)
  • Review school safety and climate plan (School Safety Plan)
  • Monitor Title 1 funding expenditures

Attached to this calendar entry is a PDF slidedeck that OUSD provided which explains what an SSC is, the requirement for members and how they are chosen, the responsiblities of the SSC, more about the SPSA, bylaw requirements, and more!

Please also find attached a copy of the Thornhill SSC bylaws.

We sincerely hope to see you on Tuesday, October 11th at 3:15pm in the Thornhill School Library.