School Will Be Open Tomorrow
Tue, Oct 8 9:47pm

Dear Thornhill families,

It is almost 9:30 PM and we have information to share with you. It has been a day filled with confusion and frustration for parents, caregivers and your Thornhill staff.  We haven’t sent anything out before this as we were waiting for solid information from the district. We have been monitoring everything all day trying to get information from OUSD and PG&E that would not be confusing or incorrect. 

As of this time, Thornhill WILL be open.  Most of you have probably received a robocall from OUSD.  If you have not, here is a copy of what OUSD shared.

We hope this helps some. Please know that the situation could change overnight. We will let you know in the morning if things change.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


All OUSD schools are in session for the entire school district with the exception of Skyline High School. Skyline will be closed. On Wednesday, at about noon, PG&E is planning to shut off the power to specific neighborhoods. If a school loses power, the school will implement its blackout protocol to ensure student safety... and school leadership will dismiss students at the regularly scheduled time. At those sites that lose power, after school programs will be cancelled. It is important to keep in mind that some traffic signals may not be working as you make arrangements for getting your students home from school. OUSD has no control over these public safety power shut offs, however, we want to ensure that our families have all the information they need. If the high wind event and increased fire danger remains high and PG&E extends the shutoff beyond Wednesday, we will let you know as early as possible if schools will remain be open or closed. We will communicate via robocall,, social media, and news and radio.