Spring Break
Fri, Mar 27 2:07pm

Dear Thornhill Families,

Happy Spring Recess!!  Don't forget to take a break and relax in whatever way you can!  I hope everyone is doing well.  Now that all of our worlds have been turned upside down, we are all challenged and impacted by the uncertainty that COVID19 has placed on us. But rest assured our staff is working so hard and we’ve got this!   At Thornhill we are fortunate that most of our families have technology, and we also distributed to families that needed technology to access the Thornhill Learning  Plans.   Unfortunately, all of our schools in Oakland do not have all the technology to proceed as quickly as Thornhill and similar schools.    It is troubling to me and all of our staff that some Oakland families do not yet have access to online learning, and OUSD is doing it's best to get technology to students to ensure equity of instruction across our city.  Just to reiterate, this is not the case at Thornhill.   


That said, I attended the principal's meeting with Superintendent Kyla Johnson last night and here is some key information you need to know.   

Per OUSD-  

Regarding Instruction Online:  No New Content can be delivered during this period.  Teachers are working hard with their planning regarding this.  ( I know this may be challenging for some and we have no decision making power at sites to change this)  Thornhill teachers WILL, however, find ways to help students review and practice previously taught skills and keep them engaged in their education.


It is not yet clear how long we will be in this situation, so we must keep preparing and remain flexible in case it is extended.


Lastly, we are working hard to adjust to this new way of learning to make it doable for families, students and staff and you will hear more about this after Spring Recess.  I sincerely hope you take the time to enjoy this "time off".   Our teachers have more than earned their Spring Recess and I have instructed them to power down their devices and return online on April 6th.   Let's all do a little digital detox! Please take care of yourselves and rest assured the Thornhill team is here for you!


Mr. Daubenspeck