Teacher & Staff Holiday Appreciation Requests
Tue, Dec 8 4:22pm

Hello Thornhill Community!

(This message is going out to everyone except our teachers and staff.)

We want to appreciate both our teachers and staff this holiday season. We know many of your Room Parents have already started something in your classrooms for your teacher - this is something different!

Two Items:

1. Teacher "Tribute" Video. We are creating one video, using the company Tribute, where students talk about their current teacher. (Your Room Parent may have sent you a message already - this is the same thing.) We want to make this as even as possible so all teachers are equally appreciated! Please sign up on this Google Sheet to commit to making this video (if you've already created one, you are already counted!). And then please go to www.tribute.co/thornhill-teachers [yes .co not .com] with your kid(s) to record it! It's super duper easy. They can do it right on their computer with their webcam. Siblings can do it together or separately.

DUE DATE: Friday, December 11 

Kids Make Your Tribute Video


2. Staff Cash Bonus. We want to thank our hard-working staff in the best way we can virtually - with cash! We've set up a PayPal Pool to collect money for ALL of our staff and it will be distributed evenly. This is separate from any money you've generously donated to the Annual Fund (which funds many of their salaries, but no bonuses).

This money is for: Coach Johnson (PE), Ms. Fox (Library), Pope (Music TK-2), Ms. Green (Music 3-5), Ms. Alexis (Gardening), Angee Adams (Aide), Siobhan Cushing (Aide), Lili Ruane (Aide), Tracy Arrowsmith (Aide), Ms. Alia (Social Worker), Susie Bindorf (Art), Ms. Sherry (Secretary), Ms. Zettie (Attendance), Danielle Clark (Resource Specialist), Katie Tsuji (Resource Specialist), Bree Lancaster (student support), Roxana Nunez (student support), Yvette Russell (student support), Eric Smith (Custodian), Miaona Tan (student food support), Dawn Marlette (Speech Therapist), Linda Bell-Jones (Nurse for 504/IEP), and Maria Barnes (Paraeducator). Yes, we rely on many staff to help take care of our children!

DUE DATE: Thursday, December 17


Donate to Thornhill Staff


Please note both of these due dates are hard deadlines so we have enough time to put the video together and distribute cash before the holiday break! Don't delay - sign up and donate today!


Happy Holidays!