Thornhill Annual Fund Spotlight: Ms. Alexis, Thornhill Gardening Teacher
Thu, Sep 15 12:10pm

Hello Thunderbirds! 

We’re back this week with another highlight of our incredible Thornhill PFC staff. For the past SIX years, we've been lucky enough to have Ms. Alexis to our team. She has (literally!) brought new life to our Thornhill garden and our campus. Our TK through 2nd grade students have access to biweekly garden instruction. They are getting those little fingers dirty and learning so much in the process. Your donation to the Thornhill Annual Fund, goes directly to funding amazing things for our student community, like Ms. Alexis and the Thornhill Garden Program

It has been my deep pleasure to revitalize the garden spaces at Thornhill and grow the garden and gardening program with the children and teachers of Thornhill over the last several years! 

During gardening classes in the school garden, we care for the garden through weeding, watering, planting, harvesting, composting, and working the soil. We learn hands-on about biology, ecology, nutrition, sustainability, and the cycles and web of life. We experience our deep connection with the natural world, how we can nurture it, and how it nurtures us. We eat food from the garden in a mindful way, through harvesting with gratitude, observing our food (to make sure we’re not eating bugs or dirt, but also to become familiar with it), smelling our food, and then enjoying the fruits and veggies of our labor. Being an integral part of the garden’s growth and life cycles instills a sense of environmental stewardship in our students and gives them the rewards of working in community to create something wonderful.

I have a deep passion for teaching people of all ages about our connection with the earth and nature and have been teaching environmental education and gardening with elementary school children and adults for more than 20 years. I also have a master’s degree in Geology and worked as a geologist for 25 years studying earthquake hazards and environmental restoration. I have been growing my own organic fruits and vegetables for decades, especially during my last 18 years living in the Bay Area where food can be grown year-round. I am the mother of two girls, ages 9 and 11, who attend Thornhill Elementary and Montera Middle School. I have been teaching gardening at Thornhill for the last 6 years.
It brings me great joy to connect with and nurture our Thornhill garden areas with your children. When I’m not teaching, I am busy managing Magic Gardens Landscaping, which my husband Aerin has owned for 40 years, growing my own garden, and enjoying friends, family, and time outdoors.

My gratitude goes out to Mr. Daubenspeck, the teachers, and all the families at Thornhill for your continued support of our gardening program!



Thank you for your continued support!

Adrienne Selke, Catrina Vrankovich and Stefani Miller

Annual Fund Co-Chairs