Thornhill Annual Fund Spotlight: Teaching Assistants
Thu, Sep 29 8:39am

Hello Thunderbirds,

We are in the 4th and FINAL WEEK of the 2022 Thornhill Annual Fund Drive. THANK YOU to all the families (60% of you!) who have donated to the Annual Fund. Your donations fund vital positions that are not funded by the state of California or OUSD (Librarian, PE, Gardening, and our team of Teaching Assistants).

The Teaching Assistants' help is invaluable to both our teachers and our students:

  • They are an extra set of eyes who sees a struggling student and can assist while the teacher is teaching
  • They offer small group and 1:1 support to students
  • They help students with organization
  • They pull kids for testing if they need extra time or a quiet space
  • They help students organize their thoughts for writing projects
  • They oversee math groups and leveled reading centers
  • They roam and answer questions during independent work
  • They offer supervised breaks to our teachers
  • They are FUN!

Our Teaching Assistants are funded through the incredible generosity of our Thornhill parent community.  Thank you for supporting the Thornhill PFC by participating in the Annual Fund Drive!

Speaking of the Annual Fund Drive - we're grabbing our popcorn and watching the numbers on the final few days - which classes will make the 80% cut for popsicle parties?!?  Many classes are only a few donations away!

Whether it's $25, $100, $250 or more - any amount is appreciated and is counted towards participation. 

Here are the current class standings:

Ready to Donate?  Great!  There are a variety of ways to submit your donation:

Thank you for your continued support!

Adrienne Selke, Catrina Vrankovich and Stefani Miller

Annual Fund Co-Chairs