Thornhill Parent-led Solidarity School sign-ups
Sun, Feb 17 2:19pm
Thornhill Elementary
Dear Thornhill Parents,
As you've probably already heard, OEA (Oakland Education Association) has announced that OUSD teachers would start a strike on Thursday, February 21 if an agreement isn't reached before then.
The Thornhill Parent Solidarity Committee is organizing a Solidarity School at our neighboring St John's Church (1707 Gouldin Rd) that will take place during regular school hours. We have put together a Solidarity School FAQ, which will hopefully answer questions about the objective of the school and what you can expect. Please take a few minutes to review this information. 
We are in need of volunteers and we also need to know if/when you would like to send your child. 

If interested in either/both, please fill out the following forms:
Parent Volunteers signup here:
If you would like to send your child, please signup here
We will send weekly updates as the strike continues. 
Thornhill Parent Solidarity Team