Welcome Back for Teachers - UPDATE
Sun, Mar 3 8:51pm
Thornhill Elementary

Dear Thornhill Community,

(this message is hidden from teachers and staff)

As you now know, school is back in session tomorrow, Monday 4, as the OEA contract has been ratified.

On Friday, we wrote with an idea of how to welcome back our teachers. We are changing the plan, as there is now no staff meeting in the morning and therefore no opportunity to "surprise" the teachers as they all exit at once.

There will be coffee and pastries for the teachers and staff only in their staff room. If you would like to come on campus to personally welcome them back in your own way, you are of course free to do so! Please do be aware that they might have a little more work than usual in their classrooms to get ready for school.

Our PFC hospitality chairs are arranging for a lunch for the teachers and staff (only) on Tuesday as our official "welcome back" from the PFC and community.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, understanding, and support during this crazy time. We are so excited to be back!

Cheers to Thornhill!!!