Yesterday Afternoon
Thu, May 2 8:00am-4:00pm
Thornhill Elementary
Dear Thornhill Community,
Yesterday at around 3:30 a middle school student was hit in the crosswalk (the cross walk near Alhambra Lane) by a parcel delivery vehicle.  When I arrived at the scene the student's parent was there and assured me he was ok and he was being transported to the hospital.  The student from the middle school was a former Thornhill student.  I have been in touch with his principal and he will be ok according to his communication with the parents at the hospital later in the afternoon.  This has been very hard for us at the front office as we have called the city and police department numerous time regarding safety on Thornhill Drive over the six years I have been Principal.  As you can imagine I have been reaching out for support for our community from all departments that could help.  I know many of you have  made calls and emails to improve safety as well.  And I continue to urge you to reach out to your elected officials to support the safety of your community.  Once again we are saddened by this and we are grateful  that the student will be ok.  
Mr. Daubenspeck