Annual giving campaign begins TODAY!
Mon, Sep 12 8:40am
Today is the start of our Annual Giving Campaign! This is a two week period where we collect donations from families to support the PTO! Instead of having our kids sell candy or wrapping paper we simply ask for donations, please help however you can! Classes will be working on a goal of 75% participation and will be earning prizes. Please keep in mind that both big and small donations make a difference! We appreciate you.
Look for the hand out in your kid's red folder for more info!
Donate by check or cash to the office or donate online here!
Also remember today is our PTO informational meeting! Find out who we are and how you can be involved!
We will meet at the lunch tables at 6pm, if you can't be there in person join us on Zoom:
Find the agenda here
Thanks for being a part of our community! We appreciate you!