Auction party connections
Thu, Feb 27 12:44pm

I am reaching out to our families to see who has connections in any of the following areas or if there is something else you can think of that I may be missing. We of course would love donations however at this point we are just looking for any discounts/connections.


--Breweries and or connections to getting kegs for the event.

--Hotel connections to auction off

--Restaurant connections  to auction off

--As you hopefully have heard, the classrooms have each chosen a themed basket that will be displayed and silently auctioned off at our event on 3/21.  I have included the themes chosen in case anyone has something that would be fitting for ANY class. It really  is a group effort! If you have a donation please email me at


Themed baskets: Lego, garden, arts and crafts, spa, camping, beach, date night, nerf gun, outdoor play, wine and spirits, family board game night, pool party,  a basket for the ladies, for the pup, craft beer, touch of Tierrasanta, jackpot lotto tickets. If you have connections to anything listed  above, we would love to connect with you. 


Thank you so much!!