Decorating Team
Tue, May 5 7:59am

Hello TES village, For staff appreciation the PTO Foundation is providing a Boxed Lunch for the teachers to grab and go on Monday 5/11 when they get to go into campus.

I am looking for a small group that would like to help with decorating and setting up the tables/area where the grab and go lunches will be. We will have 2 folding tables and possibly a pop up tent that need to be dressed up. Who loves to decorate and has the time to help out?

If anyone has any other ideas that would be nice for the teachers to be able to grab and go please let me know!

We need to be set up at the school and ready by 8am on Monday, May 11th. If you are interested please email ( or send a text my way (619) 804-8735.

Thanks in advance! Warmly, Emily Krause