Don't forget to sign up your Roadrunner for Fun Run fundraising on PledgeStar!
Wed, Feb 1 12:13pm
Hey Roadrunner families!
Thanks for all your donations so far! We are doing great!
However we only have about HALF of our students signed up on Pledgestar. If you haven't had a chance to get started on Pledgestar NOW is the time! Fundraising only goes through next Friday, don't miss this opportunity to raise funds for our school!
Get started on your computer here:
On your phone here:
code: tierrasanta
Remember 100% of your donations go to our school! We use this money to FULLY fund: Makerspace, PE, art residencies, assemblies, buses for field trips, running club and more! Also we provide money for classroom teachers to spend on whatever they may need!
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Last year we raised $80,000, this year can we hit $100,000??? Get signed up and ask your family and friends to sponsor your roadrunner today!
Check out all the info here!