Executive Board Position Open: Director of Fundraising
Wed, Oct 13 10:04am

The Director of Fundraising’s duties shall include:
a) Identifying potential fundraisers and presenting them to the Executive Board.
b) Developing a master fundraising schedule for the school year.
c) Acting as a liaison between existing and potential community fundraising partners and the Foundation.
d) Identifying and supervising Committee chairpersons and Committee members for each fundraising event. Act as a liaison between Committee Chairpersons and the Executive Board.
e) Ensuring all financial transactions related to fundraising are completed in accordance with Foundation Bylaws.

f) Performing such other duties as prescribed in these Bylaws or assigned by the Executive Board or by an approved motion at a General or Special Meeting.


If you are interested in finding out more info, please send an email to Tiffany Guerrero at tiffanybrenner@gmail.com