FAQ's about Phase 2 reopening
Mon, Mar 22 7:15am

 FAQ's for Reopening Phase 2

What is the proposed model for instruction if I select Online Only?

Virtual learning students are expected to log on to the learning platform (Zoom) during a 3 hour morning block  Monday through Thursday. Friday, all students will be online and will have a 30 minute zoom check in with asynchronous work for the remainder of the day. Students will continue to receive instruction with their current classroom teacher for the remainder of the year.

What is the proposed model for instruction if I select Onsite/Online Hybrid?

Onsite students will be onsite Monday through Thursday. Students will receive a recess and lunch period. Students will remain onsite for 5 ½ hours. Exact times will be released soon. No students will be on campus on Fridays. All students will have a reduced Zoom check in with asynchronous work for the remainder of the day on Friday.

Will SAY (after school care) be available?

Not at this time since we will be utilizing all areas of campus (in order to social distance) and will not have the space.

If I choose Online Only, will I be able to select Onsite/Online Hybrid later?

No. If you choose the Online Only option, you must complete the year Online Only.

If I choose Onsite/Online Hybrid will I be able to switch to only online only?

Yes, you are able to move to online only

Will my student with an IEP receive services if I select the Onsite/Online Hybrid option?

Yes. All staff will be returning on April 5th and services will be provided.

Will my student with an IEP receive services if I select the Online Only option?

Yes. Students remaining online will continue to receive their services online.

Will school lunches be available?

Yes, the District will provide a sack lunch for those who would like one (free). The sack lunch also comes with a dinner and breakfast for the next day (like what is currently provided at the Farb lunch pick up location). We will follow up with details on how to request a lunch for your student coming onto campus. Students remaining online will pick up lunches from Serra High School.

How many days will my student come to school if I choose the Onsite/Online Hybrid option?

We are currently configuring the site to allow all students to be able to attend school 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday for 5 ½ hour days.

How far will students be spaced apart?

Students will be seated 6 feet apart when possible. In some rooms we will need to go to 5 feet to accommodate all students who want to return

Will students have a recess?

Yes, they will have at least one recess. Playgrounds will be divided into zones and students will only play with their class/stable group. They will have access to play structures and play equipment!

What health and safety measures are being put in place?

We have portable air purifiers/filtration systems in every classroom. The district is currently updating existing building HVAC’s with MERV 13 filters where possible. Doors will remain open and each class will have access to an outside work area. Additionally the district has installed CO2 sensors to monitor the indoor air.


We have hand sanitizer, portable hand washing stations and other PPE.


All staff and students will wear masks and social distance.


Students will enter through 4 different assigned gates to minimize congestion


All students will hand sanitize or wash hands upon arrival, before and after recess, and before and after lunch at a minimum.


Students will be screened daily for health symptoms related to covid and all sick students will learn from home on days they are sick.