Get involved with your TES PTO Foundation!
Tue, May 25 8:30am
Hello AMAZING TES Community!
As the 20-21 school year is wrapping up, we are in high gear planning our PTO for the 21-22 school year. As we have been drafting our budget for the upcoming year, although there are still a few unknowns, we are excited to be planning for what feels like a "mostly" regular school year! As always, it takes a TEAM of board members volunteers and  committee/team leads to help make these wonderful programs and events happen! 
This coming Wednesday, 5/26, @6pm will be our annual PTO board meeting whereby elections/appointed positions will occur. Many of you that regularly attend monthly meetings are aware, but we realized there are some out there that want to get more involved but aren't sure how. 
These are the board positions that we need to fill next year - i.e., we haven't had anyone come forward expressing interest OR, in some cases, we haven't had a chance yet to actively reach out to our community to assess interest. If you are interested in getting more information about any of these positions, please come Wednesday night to our meeting. If you are unable to make it, please do reach out to us anyway - as we know not everyone who wants to participate can attend. NOTE: If you notice some positions missing, it's because we have already secured a volunteer - most likely they are continuing from this year.
Here is the list of needed folks who make things happen at TES…..
Executive Board (elected positions)
– Drafting/communicating PTO board meeting agendas, taking/sending meeting notes, Updating Konstella Calendar, Keeping an eye on the TES PTO email inbox
Appointed Positions
Director of Fundraising
- Overseeing major fundraising activities: Annual Giving Campaign, Fun Run; and smaller ones like Dine-In/Out, Art Box, etc. NOTE: Each individual fundraiser will have a lead volunteer. The Director of Fundraising just provides high level oversight to communicate info back to the board (at board meetings) AND to communicate info from the board to each lead volunteer.

Procurer – Quite literally, this is someone(s) that enjoys being sent on shopping errands periodically (usually tied to major events where supplies are needed. For example, going to Costco during staff appreciation week). Typically, this person pays out of pocket and then fills out the expense form for reimbursement from the PTO.
Members at Large (6) - Each grade level has one person that (1) attends the monthly meeting, (2) Follows up the meeting w/sending an email to the room parents for that grade level if there is any info from the board meeting they should know, an (3) at the beginning of the year, if the Room Liaison Manager has trouble finding a room parent to volunteer, the member at large may have closer ties to parents for that grade level to try to find someone to fill that role. Typically, this position doesn't require more than 2 hours/month and is a great way to stay involved/get to know people without making a major time commitment. NOTE: There are some of you that are currently in this role and are hoping to do it next year as well - please let us know! 

TK/K – 
1st grade -
2nd grade – 
3rd grade – 
4th grade – 

Team Leads
Auction Party Fundraiser
– We are hoping to continue this tradition this coming year, but TBD if it will happen for sure. This position is overseeing your team of volunteers to put this event on.

Room Liaison Manager - During the 1st few weeks of school, this person coordinates with each class/teacher to find a room parent, puts a list together and flags any gaps. Along with the Members at Large and Board, you'll help navigate filling this role for each teacher. You will also make sure each room parent has the training (it's very easy -- all documented in simple 'how-to's") for how to navigate Konstella in context of being a room parent.
Dine Out - This person helps determine what restaurants will participate and puts together the calendar. For each dine-out, you will put together a flyer (we have templates!), and posts them to Konstella/Social Media. This position isn't usually a big time commitment - with the largest  being early in the school year to put together the annual plan. Most likely, averaging 1-2 hours/month). 

Afterschool enrichment coordinator -- It's still TBD if we can bring this back next fall, but we hope so! It's so popular with our families and provides wonderful afterschool enrichment classes for our kids. In prior years, it's been a hefty time commitment, but this last year we've contracted with 6 crickets who will now be doing the heavy lifting. This fun position allows you to pick the classes you want for our afterschool program (we have so many awesome vendors, that we have to rotate classes seasonally) and then coordinate with 6 crickets (they handle all the registrations, working with the vendors on getting paperwork, etc). Throughout the season, this person will coordinate any necessary volunteers and work with 6 crickets to resolve any issues that arise. Typically, during planning and session season, it's on average a 3-5 hour monthly commitment. 
TOGETHER WE will maintain and strengthen Tierrasanta Elementary School’s distinguished status!