Makerspace Volunteers & Konstella
Fri, Sep 2 9:05am

Hello TES Families! 

Thank you so much for the outpouring of support with donated supplies this year. There will be plenty of tape and pipe cleaners, etc., for the whole year I'm sure!


I wanted to let you know that we will return to having volunteers in our Makerspace throughout the year. In order to communicate with classroom parents and coordinate these volunteers we will need you to make sure you've connected your child into their current classroom in Konstella.  Attached you will find a flyer on how to do so.  It's very simple and took only about 1 minute to do so for my own kids. This will also be necessary to get information from your room parents about your child's classroom via Konstella.


Lastly, if you do plan to volunteer at school on a regular basis, you will need to check in with Ms. Alyson in the office to do the necessary background check and TB testing. This process can take a little while so the sooner you get started the better.


Thank you for taking the time and I look forward to seeing some of your faces again in our Makerspace!


Kelley Valdez

Makerspace Coordinator