SAW - Contribute to a gift/create cards for Ms. Viavada, Maria, Angela ...
Sun, May 2 11:41am

I KNOW we have been asking a lot of our families for Staff Appreciation Week. So many of you have already generously donated time and $ for your own teacher's gift.  We'd love to collect $ to contribute to gifts for some of our non-teacher staff members, also to be presented on Thursday. These include Ms. Viavada, Maria, Angela, Ms. Valdez, Sra. Soto, Miguel, & Ms. Schmidt.  In addition, we would LOVE it if some of your kiddos could create cards for any of the above. If possible, please put each creation in an envelope with the recipient's name on it (unless too big for an envelope!) and drop off in the red SAW bin at the office.


To Donate $:

The PTO is contributing orchids to each and along with that, we will give them each a gift card from the $ donated (I'll divide up what we receive into equal amounts).  If you would like to contribute (even if only $5 - every little bit helps!), you can do so 2 ways: 1) venmo me (Tiffany Guerrero) at Tony-Guerrero-2 (you will see a picture of my husband and I) and please put "SAW Staff" in the notes, OR 2) drop off a sealed envelope with "For Tiffany Guerrero" to the office in the red SAW bin. Because valuables will be placed inside this bin, Angela will be checking this daily. She'll put aside any envelopes for me to pick up after school.


Lastly, if you would instead  like to purchase your own gift for any of the above, to be included on Thursday, please feel free! You can either drop the gifts off (labeled for who it is for) in the red bin at the office OR you can drop off at my house. If the gift is for Angela, please wrap it since she'll be the one taking them out of the red bin daily :-). Please text me to get my address OR with any other questions. 619-865-3780


All the best,

Tiffany Guerrero