SafetyNet: Smart Cyber Choices Virtual Assemblies
Fri, Nov 13 11:25am
A scary fact: The San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force reported, in June 2020, a 500% rise in online predator activity. Attributed to the rise in children online (largely due to COVID). They also report that 1 in 5 kids are sexually solicited by an online predator. Most of our kiddos are experiencing a much faster "internet learning curve" than we, parents, are prepared for! Our kids have more access than ever to YouTube, Social Networking, Gaming, etc. Tierrasanta Elementary is fortunate to have partnered with SafetyNet: Smart Cyber Choices which is a collaborative program of the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the San Diego Police Foundation.
Several ZOOM assemblies will be held in the coming weeks geared toward our children and parents. There are 2 types being offered:
1) For our 2nd-5th graders: :35-45 minute "Self-defense" classes for internet users. Teaching the responsible and ethical use of cyber technology is imperative to keeping our kids safe online.
2) Parent-only: A deeper dive into the above, including very important information about how to combat this in your home. Note, it may include information not appropriate for younger ears.
Zoom Call Info/Dates:
GRADES 2-3: Friday, Nov. 20th: 1pm

Meeting ID: 856 5185 7090

Password: 254727


GRADE 4: Monday, Nov. 30th: 1pm

Meeting ID: 821 5714 2935

Password: 088000


GRADE 5: Wednesday, Dec. 2nd: 1pm

Meeting ID: 852 2574 0788

Password: 482437


PARENT MEETING: Wednesday, Dec. 2nd: 5:30pm

 Meeting ID: 880 9159 3146

Password: 771015