VIRTUAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS (Monart, Jr. Theatre, Gymnastics, Mad Science, Young Engineers)
Tue, Sep 29 1:28pm


In prior years so many of you have participated in our after-school enrichment programs. Some of the class vendors you are familiar with have teamed up with 6Crickets to offer them online. CLASSES BEGIN THE WEEK OF 10/5. My understanding is these classes are ONLY being offered to TES and Kumeyaay students - keeping the faces your kids will see only from our local community.


NOTE: Until we resume enrichment classes ON campus, these will not be PTO sponsored activities (i.e., not a fundraiser for TES) because we aren't using TES facilities or volunteers to help run these programs. However, because we have a relationship with 6 crickets AND these vendors, we wanted to do all we can to get the message out and help them be successful.