PE Program

This committee will help design and oversee the PE program at TES. This will include engaging with vendor to determine budget as well as assist in overseeing it's execution. In the early stages, this role will be to secure a vendor as well as work with staff to determine their needs for physical education equipment.

Positions (1/1 filled)

PE Program Lead Signed Up: 2 / 2

Prior to the pandemic, TES had a Physical Education program that was provided on- campus daily by the YMCA. And was funded by the PTO. Due to staffing issues, the Y is no longer offering this program. The PTO has significant unused funds in our budget, allocated to providing PE to all of our students. Currently, some teachers are trying to fill this gap by providing physical education themselves. We need to find a better long-term solution. We, the PTO, have already done a bit of research and have a few leads and ideas. We need a volunteer to help push this forward: - We have a couple of potential vendors, but we need this person to connect with these vendors to discuss ideas/options. The PTO/Mrs. Viavada will provide you with parameters for the program as a starting point for these discussions. - Possibly research if there are other entities out there that might be a good fit. - In terms of the teachers providing programs now, we (the PTO) are hearing that there are significant gaps in equipment. We need someone to help reach out to teachers to get a list of what equipment TES has available and propose (based on teacher requests) what equipment they would like the PTO to purchase. If we get 2 volunteers, this may be a separate job. You won't be alone in this role! We, the PTO, will be there to assist. We just need someone to lead this charge and get the ball rolling! This could be 1-2 people. We can divide and conquer! Please reach out to if you have any questions!