Spirit Gear Team

The goal of Spirit Gear is to promote school spirit thru TES apparel and encourage students, families, and staff to wear school colors RED & YELLOW every Friday. Don't forget, every Friday is "SPIRIT GEAR FRIDAY's."

Spirit Gear Team -  The team will work together in the spring to design the spirit gear for the next school year.  This entails logo design, shirt style, and color selection while working with the clothing distributor. The team will have an initial spirit gear mass order for the students at the beginning of the year and handle the distribution of the gear. The remaining gear can be sold as necessary via table sales, Konstella, or thru Ms. Angela, the school secretary. 

Monthly Challenge Team - On the first Friday of each month, starting in October thru June, the top 2 classes wearing the most spirit will win goodie bags.  This team will collect participation slips and provide the winning classes with their winnings. Classes can win a maximum of 2 times to allow for other classes to get a chance to win. The team will organize the monthly goodie bags and purchase appropriate items as necessary. 


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The committee chair will oversee the spirit gear committee.

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