Booster Team Day 2: Mystery Prize Challenge
Thu, Jan 9 1:57pm
Hello Dolphin Dash Families!
Momentum is building, and more pledges are coming in each night! 30% of students have registered on! Let’s see if we can get that to 60% by tomorrow!
MRS. BERNARDS CLASS had the MOST Student Star Videos made last night! That is AWESOME! Having these videos made will make it so easy for your students to ask for pledges from friends and family! 
Let’s get ready for TONIGHT’S Challenge —the Mystery Prize Challenge!  It’s a challenge to see which class can earn the MOST pledges AS A CLASS, tonight!  Every student in the winning class will earn their very own “Mystery Prize!” Oh my! I can’t WAIT to see what it is! And remember, If your parents register you AND they put a pledge online, you’ll get your FREE gift, your first prize, AND your class could win the Mystery Prize Challenge! Let’s have some FUN! Keep up the good work, and have a great day