Booster Team Day 5: Jet Tennis Set Raffle Challenge
Tue, Jan 14 1:26pm
Dolphin Dash Families,
Great News! We have surpassed our goal to reach $6000 in pledges! Which means that Mr. Aaron will be getting silly stringed by the class earning the greatest pledges. As of now, our top 3 classes are- 1. Mrs. Burkett 2. Mrs. Vick 3. Mrs. Bernard!
Also, Congratulations to MRS. BERNARDS CLASS! They got the most new pledges LAST NIGHT earning the Wild West dress day on Wednesday! 
Today in the Wild West, student got to help the MindSpark S.T.E.A.M. team face another member of Bully Malone’s No-Good Gang in your fifth CHARACTER DUEL. And in the process, they learned about HUMILITY.  Check it out!
You’ve all been AMAZING at getting pledges to help our school. Lets continue the excitement, tonight’s challenge is the Jet Tennis Set Challenge! Any student who gets a NEW pledge, TONIGHT, for $1/lap (which is $30 in flat donations) will get their name put into a drawing to win their very own Jet Tennis Set! With every pledge you make, your student's name is entered into a raffle. If you get 1 pledge, his/her name is entered once… If you get 5 pledges, his/her name is entered 5 times, and so on! Only 1 Jet Tennis Set will be rewarded to 1 lucky student from pledges made TONIGHT — and tonight only! We will announce the winner, tomorrow morning!
Let’s keep thinking about NEW people who could help our school — from near or far,  grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends and neighbors, even small businesses! You can do it!
Have a great day!
-Booster Team