Dolphin Dash Pledging is NOW OPEN!
Thu, Jan 2 12:04pm

Toler Parents and Families,

Pledging is NOW OPEN for the Toler Dolphin Dash!

Dolphin Dash Jan. 16th at 10am

TOLER ELEMENTARY GOALS 100% of families get pledges from sponsors 5 pledges per student $6,000 School Profit for school field trips and family enrichment programs. The easiest way to help us reach our goals is through our easy SHARE features on FUNRUN.COM.

• Make a Student Star Video to share with Facebook friends!

• Copy and paste the email template and then send to family, friends, and local businesses.

• Go to FUNRUN.COM from your mobile device, click share, and send texts to friends and family.


- Toler Elementary PTA