Did you know......
Thu, Jan 31 8:20am
Triangle Elementary

Did you know that Hillsborough Is one of only 3 districts in Somerset County that does not offer full day kindergarten?

Did you know that 90% of school districts in New Jersey offer full day kindergarten?

Did you know that the state of New Jersey is reducing its funding to Hillsborough Schools by $5.3 million over the next 6 years? Without additional revenue this will lead to larger class sizes (23-27 students per classroom), staff layoffs, educational and athletic program surcharges for participants and other financially driven changes.

Did you know that we would actually get more state funding if we offered full day kindergarten in Hillsborough schools?

There is a very important referendum on March 12th where we, the residents of Hillsborough, will have a voice in the future of Hillsborough education. This referendum is the first of 2 this year where we will look to invest in our future by:

- securing long term financial stability

- full day K for our youngest learners

- facility improvements and security upgrades (for example upgrade to the electrical system at Triangle to allow for the installation of air conditioning)

- a new high school

March 12th is an important date for all resident of Hillsborough. Educate yourselves and please go vote.

The vote will ask us residents to approve a tax increase. Here are the facts about it:

The tax increase is expected to be $6 per month for every $100,000 of assessed value.

For the average home in Hillsborough that means an annual tax increase of $288.

Keep in mind - one of the top 10 factors prospective buyers use in deciding to move to a neighborhood is Education. Not offering full day K has a negative affect on our real estate values and will drive down average selling prices when compared to neighboring school districts.

Everyone is affected whether you have children in Hillsborough schools or not.

Again - educate yourselves and vote on March 12th.