Life Skill Parent Volunteers are still needed!
Tue, Nov 13 11:12am
Triangle Elementary

Volunteers are still needed for the following classrooms:

Perault K am
Meyers K pm
Hillier 1
Russo 2
Rood 2
Mattingly 3
Kaufman 4
McCLoskey 4
Pavon 4


Please email Pam Vallone if you are interested in volunteering.

In person training starts in 2 weeks, but self training is available at any time prior to the session. It is really so simple, every step is set up for you, so it is very easy to follow along.


The K-4th grade Life Skills program offers students information that  they can use to make healthy life-long choices. This program includes topics such as self-esteem, accepting differences, conflict resolution, stranger safety, anti-bullying, alcohol/drugs/tobacco and peer pressure. 


Volunteers are needed to present the Life Skills program to each individual class. No experience is necessary and training is provided.


You have the opportunity to teach your child and his or her classmates important lessons that will create an immediate impact and foster continued good choices. Your child will love learning from you!


Its easy!

1. Training is provided the last week of November at the Hillsborough municipal building.  The training is one hour (training is also provide via DVD that you can pick up from the Life Skills office at the Municipal's office if you can't make it to the in person training)

2. You will need about 1/2 hour to prepare before the session. You may be working with another parent volunteer.

3. The presentation in the classroom will take 45 mins to an hour. DVD's, games, materials, handouts and the lesson are all provided for you.


The programs for each grade are as follows:


“It’s Okay to Be Different”

1st Grade

“Stranger Safety”

2nd Grade

“Let’s Work It Out”

3rd Grade

“How I Learned Not To Be Bullied”

4th Grade

“Drugs – What Kids Need to Know”


If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact Pam Vallone: