Triangle Trot is Monday
Fri, Nov 2 12:39pm
Triangle Elementary

Hey Triangle School!

The time is almost here for the TRIANGLE TROT!

We are at $12,085 thanks to the support of all of you, your family, and friends!!! That’s amazing!!! BUT in order for the students and staff to witness a special musical performance following the Trot on Monday, we need to get to $15,000! We know it’ll happen!

We have an exciting addition to prizes! The student who raises the most money will get to have lunch with his/her teacher of choice!! This prize winner, in addition to the classrooms with the most registered and most raised, will be announced on Monday!!

Individual prizes will continue to be given out until Wednesday!

With $1,615 TEAM HANNUM remains in the lead with TEAM MATTINGLY still hanging on with $1,155! Great job! They're on their way to that movie party!

TEAM ROOD has taken 1st for most registered with 16 students! Way to go! They're on their way to winning those sweat bands!

Keep those donations coming!

All students will be coming home with a flyer with some final details for Monday!

We hope to see you all Monday cheering everyone on!

Jessica Canterbury

Heather Shimp


Triangle HSA

President: Jennifer Resetar

Vice President: Michael Haines

Treasurer: Pam Vallone

Recording Secretary: Susan Venezia

Corresponding Secretary: Sinead Normant