Wanna hear something “COOL”???
Thu, Oct 18 1:42pm
Triangle Elementary

We are so excited to make this announcement; we could not wait!

Due to a very generous anonymous donor, along with several other direct donations, we have already raised $11,000 toward the air conditioning units in 3rd and 4th grade!!!

We are still continuing to accept direct donations, as well as, aiming to raise more than budgeted through our fundraising efforts.

We have begun the process to get a formal quote on this project, and we will continue to keep you all posted as we go along and get more information!

THANK YOU for getting behind this, and making it happen!


Triangle HSA

President: Jennifer Resetar

Vice President: Michael Haines

Treasurer: Pam Vallone

Recording Secretary: Susan Venezia

Corresponding Secretary: Sinead Normant