Your Opinion Matters - Air Conditioning for 3rd and 4th Grade Rooms (Please vote!!!!!)
Thu, Sep 27 7:29pm
Triangle Elementary

Dear Triangle Parents,


As you all know, the purpose of the HSA is to act as a liaison between home and school. The school has expressed a need, and we would like to take this opportunity to give you the parents a voice in how we choose to move forward. All the funds we raise go toward things that will improve the school, or help your children.


We have been made aware that the school can place air conditioning units in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms ONLY for a total cost of $20,000. The idea to target 3rd and 4th grade is specific, so that (nearly) every child will have the opportunity to get the benefit of the air conditioning in the classroom.


Please keep in mind that adding these units throughout the two grades will not prevent school closures due to excessive heat; those closures are solely a district decision for all schools. Please keep in mind that our year has already been planned and budgeted accordingly; we cannot redirect funds. The funds are already spent on expenses that we committed to. We simply need more funds, or look to make this a goal for next year. There is a possibility that we can spend $10k this year, if all events raise money as projected (or more!). This is where we want your opinion.... You want to know where the money goes, and now you can help decide!


Please click on the survey below and let us know your thoughts.   The decision you make now could potentially help your child in the future. As always, we appreciate your support!


The Triangle HSA