Tue, Apr 18 1:44pm

Listen up, cats and dolls!  We just got word that the speakeasy's gonna get pinched, so it's time to scram and plan to grab what you can!  Prices will be cut to ribbons, half off or more (!) and everything will be BUY NOW.


Firesale is going down Wednesday 4/19 at 8 in the a.m. and closing on Saturday 4/22 at 12 in the p.m.


Full skinny below:

  • The prices are buy now, so no bidding - just click and pay.
  • You can get a sneak peek at the buy now prices by checking out the auction site and selecting the firesale category (  Look for the "opening bid" label - that's the buy now price!
  • Pick up for these goodies is on Sunday afternoon, so don't even try to get 'em on Wednesday after school.
  • Regardless of when you purchased your loot, we'll be takin' a swipe at your credit cards after the firesale, so be prepared!

Here's hopin' ya all make it out without any heat on yer tail!