Back to School Valle Verde Safety Pick up and Drop Off Guidlines
Wed, Aug 14 6:59pm

Hello Valle Verde Families! 

Please review the following Safety Pick Up and Drop Off Guidelines.  Have a great first day of school!



  • During school hours, both parking lots are for staff, school buses and handicapped drivers only.  These areas are not drop off/pick up zones
  • Please follow California driving laws.  No U-turns should occur at any point along Peachwillow Dr. in front of the school.  Drive appropriate speed limit and be mindful of pedestrians.
  • Use designated crosswalk when crossing the street.
  • Do not park in red zone (red curb) at any time.
  • Do not block the parking lot driveways at any time.
  • Follow the White Zone (white curb) procedures. There is no parking in white zone during drop off/pick up. You must stay in your car.  These areas are designated for dropping off/picking up students. 
  • In White Zone Area in front of school on Peachwillow  Dr. (coming from Oak Grove Road) drivers need to: 
      1. Pull as far forward as possible 
      2. Allow child to safely enter/exit  car in timely fashion
      3. Signal and carefully move back out into the flow of traffic
  • If you would like to walk your child to their classroom, you can park on one of the neighborhood side streets, away from the white/red zones.


Let’s all work together to help keep our children safe!  


Thank you, 

Suzy Agulles