Carnival FAQ
Wed, Oct 18 5:26pm
Valle Verde Elementary

    I know that there have been several questions come up in regards to Carnival from both new and old Viking families.  We are changing up several things this year which I think is leading to a lot of the questions.  We are trying to do sales online, changing how baskets, raffle and  Candy Corn are run.    I've put together the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.   I will post  on the Valle Verde Facebook page and asked room parents to send this out as well to make sure we can get the information to everyone. I apologize if you received this more than once. 


Thanks again and let's work on making this the best Carnival yet


Carnival FAQ

Is there a costume contest?

YES! For those interested in taking part in the costume contest parade please line up along the sidewalk along the office at 1130. Parade will start at 1145 and goal is to have prizes awarded by 12.  

Where do I purchase wristbands, raffle, spider hatch… etc?

Be sure to go to  to make sure you get the best deals.  ONLINE PRESALE PRICES END 10/27 AT 5PM!!

Will there be any presale in the quad?

Yes.. Friday 10/20 morning will be our first hands on sale. We will do several other times sales in the quad next week and will send out notice of this once we confirm exact dates and times with the school.

When are we getting our wristbands, raffle, meal deal etc?

All items will be at the Will Call Table the morning of the Carnival and will be available for pick up after 1130.  You will be given any raffle tickets purchased that you will then need to put your name & phone number on and place them in whichever drawing you want.

What about Raffle Presale?

We encourage you to grab a raffle order form from the CARNIVAL drawer in the office to sell raffle tickets within the community.  This form is similar to a girl guide cookie order sheet. Have the person indicate what prizes thew want to vie for and we will make sure those tickets are placed in the appropriate drawings.  Please have these forms and payments back in the CARNIVAL drawer in the office by 10/26 at the latest.

What do wristbands include?

Wristbands include unlimited games except for train, petting zoo, face painting & golf game (adult buy in 50/50 - Look for Witch Pitch information below

What are the punch cards vs tickets?

 The game punch card will take place of the traditional loose game tickets.  When you use a “ticket” the person at the booth will either punch or mark the spot as used and give you a “smiley face” prize ticket when you win at that game.  Collect the prize tickets to turn in at the Prize Booth for a prize of your choice.  Each punch spot  on the punch card = 1 ticket  = 50cents.  Each game takes 1 punch except train, petting zoo and face painting = 2 punches . You can use the punch cards in Candy Corn Alley as cash.

Are tickets for raffle, games, candy corn etc?

The wristbands and punch cards are for games and activities. The raffle tickets are for raffle only.  This year we are doing 2 bigger raffle prizes at a $5 buy in with a “golden” ticket, and the class baskets will be within the raffle.  You will place your raffle tickets into whatever drawing you want and if you we will have tickets available for purchase at the Carnival.  Once the bigger prizes are drawn there will be general drawing for “consolation” prizes.

What are the meal options?

Currently the meal will include a Main, drink and chips

   “MAIN OPTIONS”- Mooyah Burger, El Molino burrito, Rocco’s Pizza,  Hotdogs

What is the Spider Hatch?

The Spider Hatch is a ball drop.  We will be numbering the balls from 1 to whatever amount are sold.  Your name will be assigned to a number randomly.  The balls will be suspended over a target and then released toward the end of the Carnival.  The ball in the target/closest to the target wins the prize cash. So the more “eggs” you buy the better your chances.

What is Witch Pitch?

Witch Pitch is a golf accuracy game.  It is $5 a ball or 3/$10 (purchased at the event).  The winner is the one closest to the flagstick at the END of the competition.  Winner gets half of the funds collected!

What is a Buy In Party?

Each grade level will have a buy in party where the teachers donate their time and host the students in an event out of school hours.  The money you pay goes towards their supplies and the rest to the school.

What if it rains?

Believe me, the whole Carnival committee is wishing, hoping and praying for a dry day this year.  If we do have rain we will move as much of the fun inside the MUR as possible.  We had to do this last year and it was still a great event, a fair bit louder, but still fun!  



 Please remember to sign up for a volunteer spot (!/showSignUp/10c054ba5aa2ea2fa7-valle).  

  We need every family involved to make this a success and raise funds that will go back into our great school and benefit your child.

  We will be in need of  as many pop ups as possible - if you are able to loan us one please make sure it is labeled well and bring it to the MUR on Friday.  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone there, even if it is before or after soccer ;)