Fri, Sep 28 4:30pm
Valle Verde Elementary

Big Thanks to Suzy Agulles VP of Safety & Fun Run Coordinator for an AMAZING FUN RUN.

We were hoping to make $8,000 for the PTA General Fund to cover expenses for this year! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! 
Class of 2019 -$2,393.65 (for 5th Grade Activities)
Class of 2020 - $4,078.12 (to be held until they are in 5th Grade and will be used for 5th Grade Activities)
TK - 3rd Grade - $21,226.93 (for PTA General Fund)
For a grand total of $27,698.70 (expenses and credit card fees need to come out -- but should be around $25K overall). 
Thank you to our community, your family and friends, our fabulous volunteers and our generous sponsors Nicole Anderson Group and Dr. Chang at Children's Dentistry of Walnut Creek -- both giving at $500 level!!!