Fund-A-Need Update
Sat, Apr 17 7:39am

Another big shout out to those who have donated to our Chromebook Fund-A-Need! We have raised $3,675 so far!

We need 200 donations of $150 to fund the 130 Chromebooks that we must purchase by fall. Come on Vikings, let's raise this $30,000!


Whether in a distance learning model or back on campus, Chromebooks are used by our students every day. 100% of our Chromebooks were lent out this past year to help students get through distance learning. Now it’s time to replace what’s been used so our students have the technology needed when they return to the classroom.

In the past, we’ve funded our student’s Chromebooks through a Fund-A-Need Auction at Spring Fling, which we aren’t having this year due to COVID. Please make a donation to help us fund this need. Every dollar counts!