Help Ms. Pfaff Build her 4th Grade Library
Sun, Sep 30 11:41am
Valle Verde Elementary

Another Donor's Choose Project! Ms. Pfaff is teaching 4th grade for the first time this year and is trying to build her in class library. During the next 7 days, you can use promo code RIPPLE at checkout and your donation will be doubled up to $50. Also, if you have used copies (but in good condition) of books on this list, that you would like to give her, she'll also take them as well. We'll place a box outside of her classroom for 4th grade book donations. And we have asked a lot from our parents in the last few months and you have all been extremely generous, if you can't make a donation, please do not worry! Our PTA is committed to getting every teacher what they need so every Viking Student is successful. Click the link to find out more about this project.


Click Here to See Ms. Pfaff's Donor's Choose Project