Sun, Apr 16 8:53am
Hey there, all you Bootleggers! Listen up! The online bid'n ends tonight at the stroke of midnight, see? There's some real fierce wars happenin' out there, but there's still plenty of sweet loot up for grabs if it strikes yer fancy or as gifts for yer teachers, pals, and family, see?
Class Art, Buy-In Parties (though they're goin' quick), Sportin' Events, Local & Getaway Experiences, and Camps for the kiddos. So ya better set yer max bids or prepare for a groggy Monday back at work.
And, If youse were at the event and happened to leave your wine glass behind, don't fret, we got 'em for ya! Just get in touch with Virginia Broce and she'll hook ya up with arrangements for pickin' 'em up, see?
Much obliged, folks, for all your support at the Spring Fling! Appreciate ya all!