Please share your photos!!
Fri, Oct 9 4:36pm

Hi all!  Monika Eckfield and I (Shadi Ziaei) are heading yearbook activities this year and we need your help.  This year is an unusual year for the yearbook and with distance learning in place we have to be creative with both how we collect photos and how we organize the yearbook. 


Our yearbook theme this year is: The ABCs of 2020-21: Adaptation, Bravery, and Courage.  Our ask of you is to please keep your eyes open for Kodak moments, snap them and send them in!  Here are some ideas for what we’re looking for:


  • Summer activities (sports, music, any kind of enrichment, chalk art!!)
  • Back to school (come by campus and take pictures with the VVE sign or other school landmarks!)
  • Distance learning (ready to learn at their "workstations", playing instruments, singing, dancing or "Go Noodle"!)
  • Science experiments
  • Halloween costumes, autumn photos
  • Food truck Fridays
  • Winter photos, preparing for holidays 
  • Ways your student is keeping busy at home, reading, games, puzzles, pets
  • ARTWORK! Art done as part of class or on their own!  
  • Life in general
  • Anything that has to do with adaptation, bravery and courage – qualities that our kids are getting a speed lesson on!


We will send you requests for other topics in the following weeks and months.  Please upload photos here.  If you have any difficulties or you prefer a different method of sharing, please reach out to me and Monika at


We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of everyone's brave, adaptable, courageous kids! We appreciate your partnership!