RSVP for tomorrow's PTA Meeting + Presentation on Votes For Quotes Project and Prioritizing An Equitable School Climate at Valle Verde Elementary
Mon, Jan 11 12:30pm

Don't forget to RSVP for tomorrow's PTA meeting and presentation of the Votes for Quote Project and Prioritizing An Equitable School Climate at Valle Verde Elementary. The PTA meeting agenda, related documents and link will be sent shortly after 4 PM tomorrow based on the RSVP list.  In addition to normal business and updates from committees and Mrs. Perkins, we will also be voting on the Nominating Committee who will help identify individuals for next year's PTA Board. 

Directly after the meeting, Meg Honey and Natalie Ivankovich will present on the Vote for Quotes Project and Prioritizing An Equitable School Climate at Valle Verde Elementary.  This was first presented at Mrs. Perkin's December 11th Community Meeting and they are hoping to present to those that were not able to attend.  Please see below for the origin/reasoning for the project - you can also see additional information in last week's Viking Voice:

Our school and district focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has led us to reexamine the quotes by Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) and Walt Disney, that adorn the front of our school. As you may or may not know, both men have challenging legacies with issues of racism. And if we are to truly achieve the goal of an inclusive environment that accepts and values ALL students, it is imperative that our buildings bear the words of accomplished and inspirational figures who model the same values of inclusivity and equity.