SPRING FLING AUCTION ITEM PICK-UP: Important information to pick up your goodies!
Mon, Apr 17 11:23am

Geez, you Bootleggers really showed up in style at the shindig and the online auction!  If you're one of the lucky ducks who won, check out the deets below on how to pick up your loot:


WHEN:   This Wednesday, 4/19, 2 - 4PM and Sunday, 4/23, 11 - 1PM

WHERE:   We'll be hangin' out in the parking lot in front of the school, by the playground side.


Items that DON'T need no pick-up:


  • Buy-In Party Winners:  Get ready to party! Your hosts got your contact info and will be hollerin' at ya with more deets when your shindig is comin' up. Have a blast!
  • Teacher for a Day Winners:  Congrats! This was the fiercest Teacher for a Day auction we've ever seen! Liz will be shootin' an email to the parents of the winners once Mrs. Perkins sets the date.
  • Teacher Treat Winners (like STEM & Art parties, puppy playdate, and such):  If your event already got a date, mark it on your calendar!  If not, Liz will hook you up with your hosts to figure out the details. You should get an email by the end of the week.


Thanks a bunch for your support and generosity, we really appreciate this swell community!


If you got any questions 'bout auction items, shoot an email to vvespringflingdonations22@gmail.com.  For inquiries 'bout the Greater Giving site and CC charges, hit up vvespringfling@gmail.com.