Safety Reminders for Drop-Off and Pick Up
Mon, Aug 20 9:46am
Valle Verde Elementary

Welcome Back Valle Verde Families! As we begin another year of learning and fun together, we want to remind everyone about a few drop-off and pick up guidelines from the school to make these hectic times as orderly as possible and help keep our children safe. Our PTA hopes you can read these rules and help educate others on our safety rules.

- During drop off and pick up, there is a lot of activity happening in a short window of time. Please be thoughtful and courteous. This is a great opportunity to provide an example of good character for your children.

- When dropping students off in front of the school, please pull forward as far as possible before pulling over at the white curb marked for drop off or pick up.
Please do your best to limit your drop off time. Do not linger in the drop off area after drop off.

- Drop off and pick up times are hectic. Please pay attention in the drop off areas. Cell phone use in front of the school is dangerous and inconsiderate to others trying to drop off their children. Please stay off your phone in the drop off area.

- Please do not pull into the staff parking lot unless you have a handicap sticker AND plan to park in the handicap spot. Pick up and drop off is prohibited in the staff parking lots.

- NEVER double park. It disrupts the single lane traffic flow and is dangerous for students walking between cars.

- If you wish to walk your child to their classroom, there is ample parking in the neighborhood. Please plan accordingly.

- Last year, we had parents that left their car in the drop-off zone to walk children to classrooms. NO UNATTENDED VEHICLES IN THE DROP-OFF ZONE/FIRE ZONE. NO EXCUSES.

- U-turns within the drop-off zone are prohibited. Please use directional to indicate when you are pulling out into traffic and pull forward past the school.
These rules apply during all pick up and drop off times, including Wednesday early dismissal.

Thank you! If you have any questions or would like to help volunteer monitoring safety patrol, please contact our VP of Safety, Suzy Agulles.