Save the date for the 'Bootleggers Ball', our annual Spring Fling - Friday, April 14th 2023
Mon, Nov 7 9:31am




Now is the time to start polishing those pearls and dusting off those fedoras, because our annual Spring Fling is less than 6 months away! The theme this year is speakeasy, and we’re calling on our local community of bootleggers, YOU, to help make this the most epic event of the year.  Yes, there is still a lot of time before we kick off this shindig, but donations outreach is already underway, and as the old saying goes, it takes every viking to sail this ship and we’ll take all the help we can get!


Below is a list of needs, listed in order of priority. Some require volunteers, and we appreciate any and all who are willing to help, and some are just a call for items. Not all of these items have an immediate deadline, but we would like to plant the seed so you can all start brainstorming and thinking of ways you might want to help or of items you may want to donate. 


All needs below are linked to a sign up sheet on our Spring Fling Website. Please bookmark our website for easy access, as we will be sending reminders about ongoing needs, deadline dates and ticketing information all of which can be found on the Spring Fling website.


  • Donations Volunteers: We already have a lead with a very organized game plan already in motion, we just need some additional help with outreach, input and collection. We will tell you EXACTLY what to do. *This is an immediate need* (6-8 people) 
  • Items for our Live and Silent Auction: If you have connections or awesome items you’d like to donate, we would love to hear from you. Do you have a really cool piece of artwork at home that you’re ready to pass on? We’ll take it! 
  • Wine & Beer Donations: If you have beer or wine connections or would just like to donate a couple nice bottles of $20-$30 wine, we’ll take them.
  • Liquor Donations: NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!! ; ) We are going to be scheduling a couple of drive-by liquor drop off days, one in December and one in February. So get your moonshine ready and gas up those machines! Stand by for a secret code word. More details to come.
  • Cake & Dessert Donations: As the date approaches, there will be a call out to our amazing baking community to donate those delicious desserts for our dessert dash during our event. If you already know you want to be involved again, we’ll take your sign up now!
  • Buy-In-Parties: These are always a fun way to get to know the parent community better. We have a whole list of buy-in-party ideas already concocted. And it’s never too early to start thinking about these! When planning a party, I always say, it’s best to start thinking about the next party you want to host while you’re planning the current one! ; ) 

If you are looking for a fun way to get more involved in the school and make some great new friends, there are several jobs we need help with. There are a few fun lead positions open that we are looking to fill now, and then a variety of other small jobs, such as set-up, décor, ticket sales, etc. that we will need help with as we get closer to the event. We already have a solid group of 5-star individuals who have graciously volunteered to donate their time and energy to making this event happen, but we will take help from anyone willing!: ) Some of the areas we will need help are:


  • Special Projects: Brainstorm and develop ideas for different raffles and games to play during the event. Find and collect materials and big prizes
  • Pre-Event Ticket Sales & Day-of Guest Coordinator:  We need leads for this. We will work alongside you to make you feel supported and know exactly what to do
  • Decorations Team Volunteers: Item collection, storage and set-up. Work collaboratively with the Decorations Leads to help organize and plan the decor.
  • Dessert & Cake Coordinator: Reach out to VVE community to gather volunteers to bake for the dessert auction, Coordinate delivery and display of desserts.
  • Event Volunteers: Help with set-up, tear-down, ticketing, live auction bidder tracking, and drink tallying (wearing cute hanging neck trays). These are short shifts, easy-ish jobs, and lots of fun. After all, this IS a party. A sign up genius will be sent out for these jobs as we closer to the event.

CLICK HERE to join the planning team. 


This may seem like a hearty list of asks, but we have some time to unite our A-Team, which consists of all of YOU! No donation of time or effort is ever too small. We appreciate you.