THANK YOU, Viking Families!
Sun, Jan 29 11:23am
Wow, Vikings! You really turned out yesterday for our Bootleggers Booze Drop.  THANK YOU to all the families and individuals that stopped by.  It unexpectedly turned into quite the social event and it was great to see so many people connecting, meeting for the first time and having some fun on a beautiful day!
If you couldn't make it and would still like to donate, the 'trunk' is always open - just let us know.
Special thanks to Virginia & Sean Broce for hosting, to Elizabeth Keaney Crimmins who is spending part of her Sunday logging in all that booze and to each and everyone that donated:
Yelena, Herrimans, Woods, Pupalas, Morrises, Himmels, McCartys, Reins, Wellings, Brandon, Klingers, Pignataros, Wanes, Eptings, Noquis, Farrises, Weis, Allocos, Frenches & Colbys.
Appreciate the community support of what will be a great event!