Valle Verde Car Safety Reminders/ Volunteer Sign-Up
Sun, Mar 3 3:55pm
Valle Verde Elementary

Hello Valle Verde Families!

As we welcome in March and get ready for spring break, we wanted to send out a reminder on the morning and afternoon Drop-off/Pick-up Rules that we ask all to follow to keep our kids safe.

We can all agree that we want our children to get to and from school safely. When everyone follows the rules, we dramatically improve our chances of avoiding accidents and keeping our children safe.

Yes, we all have busy lives and have to get to work, appointments, etc, but our children’s safety must be our first priority. We all need to slow down, follow the rules and be good role models for our kids.  

Important Drop-off/Pick-up Rules to follow:

NO ENTERING STAFF PARKING LOTS FOR ANY REASON. The lots are for staff parking and school buses only. Please follow the signs that say clearing STAFF PARKING ONLY.

NO U-TURNS U-turns are illegal. After child exits car, please continue to drive forward and make a left/right at Candleberry.

WHITE ZONE is for Pick-up/Drop-off only. NO UNATTENDED VEHICLES IN THE WHITE ZONE.  NO EXCUSES. Please be courteous and pull forward to allow more cars. You must stay in your carat all times. Your child needs to exit the car in a timely fashion on the right side of the car. It is unsafe to exit street side. Please do your best to limit your drop off time.  Do not linger in the drop-off area after drop-off.  Always use your directional to indicate when pulling away from curb

We strongly encourage parent participation to help make a difference in our school and improve school safety.

Please sign-up to volunteer for Parent Safety Patrol for morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up. Please use link below.


Let's work together and keep our kids safe!


Thanks so much,

 Suzy Agulles