Valle Verde Is Helping A School Affected by Hurricane Harvey. See how you can help.
Fri, Sep 8 10:43am
2022 Graduating Class, 1st


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Hurricane Harvey touched many families in Texas. There is a strong need for some comfort and normalcy to be brought back to students lives. The schools and teachers are working very hard to try to bring at least this one aspect back. In order to do this, they need help. Many teachers across the nation are adopting classrooms to help fill the needs of the students and teachers. We wanted to take this opportunity for our school community to help. Mrs. Nguyen of Houston Elementary in Port Arthur has requested some school supplies to welcome her 2nd grade students to class. She wants to bring a sense of comfort and excitement to be at school. School is expected to begin on Monday September 18th for the students. If you could please take a moment, purchase an item from her wishlist, she would be very appreciative as would the students. If you have questions, please contact Corinne McKeown,


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