A special thank you....
Fri, Nov 11 8:24pm
Halloween Carnival

Hello everyone. I want to say thank you to all of the people who helped with this years Halloween Carnival. Never in a million years did I think I would stand up and take on such a big job, but with all of your help it was a success, and I've even considered running it next year.


A special thank you to....

Ashlee for all the decorations, I've had so many  compliments, 

Heidi, you walked me through everything and I definitely could not have done it without you,

Kristi, you had your hand in almost everything, 

Kathryn, for all your helpful tricks, wisdom, and OMG this thing called Konstella...

Monique, our games were fantastic, because you had the hook up, 

Susan, for all your emails to the Konstella room parents, and dragging me to my first PTA meeting.,

Pinki, for coordination the Costume Closet and helping out with games,

Tony for downing 14 bottles of water at the last minute, so we had enough bottles for that one game.

All of the PTA Board members, who helped out either behind the scene or day of and just jumping in, 

Alex our DJ who supplied rockin’ Halloween music,

To all the parent volunteers, who showed up and asked what could they do,

All you parents who sent your kids to school with candy (that they couldn't open) for donations,

Everyone who brought their cars and helped pull off a perfect number of trunk or treat vehicles,

the High School volunteers who ran the games,

The Teachers, School Secretary Liz in the office, and of course Mrs. Cuebas-Carrero, our Principal.

Cindy and Doug for opening up the PTA shed every time we asked,

and everyone who came and had a fantastic time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Suzanne Reinlib, 2016 Halloween Carnival Chair