Alameda County Library Booklegger Volunteers Wanted
Fri, Dec 2 8:32am
Vallejo Mill Elementary

If you are interested in becoming a booklegger in the Fremont Unified School District or know of someone else who may be interested, there is a one hour orientation meeting on Tues Jan 31 from 2 to 3 at the Fremont Main Library.  For those of you who do not know what the booklegger program is, it is a wonderful program.  Twice a year, a booklegger volunteer comes into the classroom and does book talks.  This gets the kids super excited about reading and using the library.  I've been booklegging for 2 years now and think its such a great program would hate to see it end due to lack of volunteers.  If you would like further info call 510 745 1421 or 510 745 1411 and ask for Karen Pacheco.  I could also help w any questions you may have.  Thank you.

Lisa Roszel-LMT