Halloween Carnival Committee needs you! Come and be a part of something Spooktacular!
Thu, Sep 14 8:59am
Vallejo Mill Elementary


Halloween Carnival Committee meeting  

Wednesday Sept 20th at 6pm

 Vallejo Mill MUR/cafeteria. 


The Halloween Carnival is scheduled for October, 28th.  The Carnival is a fun filled day with games, food, and a costume contest with guest judges!  The kids come dressed in their Halloween Costumes and have a blast.  It is also  a fundraising opportunity for the Vallejo Mill PTA.  Preparations are already under way and we are planning another blockbuster event!

We still need Halloween Carnival Volunteers! 

This is a community event and is not possible without parent involvement.  We would like to form a General Halloween Carnival committee to help the day of the Carnival. Please sign up, come to the meeting, and help make this event a success!


Goals for meeting:

  • Provide an overview of what was done last year.
  • Discuss the plans for this year,
  • Listen to any new ideas/suggestions. 
  • Assign tasks to get things going.  

If you want to be apart of some great fun, please come to the meeting. 

Kind Request: If possible, please don't bring your kids.  In past years we have found it's hard to focus, and stay on task during the meeting if the kids are present.  If there is no way around it, it is suggested they play outside during the meeting. 


If you have questions, please contact:
Suzanne R. (suzreinlib@gmail.com)
Halloween Carnival Lead